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Organizations that offer employer training, recruit and educate new personnel or are in any other way involved in providing knowledge to new and existing staff in the data center realm.

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11 January 2022 - Educational Partner
Source: Nextplatform Around the world, the number and size of datacenters are both growing at a fast pace, and the devices housed in them are consuming more and more power as well to deliver ever-increasing performance. And as a consequence, datacenters are using more and more of the planet’s energy to do our processing and […]
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9 December 2021 - Educational Partner
Report | DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES IN EUROPE: an environmental life cycle approach
Source: The Greens / EFA report   Foreword The first quarter of the 21st century marked an unprecedented surge in reports of forest fires, floods and extreme weather events. It is clear that our current development model has reached its limit and now poses a direct threat to our civilisation and planet. Scientific reports are […]
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16 November 2021 - Educational Partner
Partnership | Get 250$ discount on all Structure Research reports
Structure Research and Datacenterplatform are partnering up to bring you the best Insights on Datacenterplatform. Structure Research is an independent research and consulting firm with a special focus on the Internet infrastructure – cloud and data centres – market.  Structure Research is constantly publishing high end reports and insights. You can check out this link […]
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